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Canastota N/C Corp.

121 W. Center Street
Canastota, NY 13032

(315) 697-3200


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A team of experts ensures your project’s perfection at Canastota N/C. When you partner with CNC, you're supported by a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering a quality end product.


Our product engineers are available to optimize your component for lean manufacturing at Canastota N/C.

Project Managers

Your Canastota N/C project manager guides you along the manufacturing process, keeping you informed and ensuring your project is completed within the requested time frame.

Skilled Technicians

Only highly-trained and qualified technicians oversee production at Canastota N/C.

Quality Control Force

While numerically-controlled manufacturing reduces the chance for human error, our machine operators and quality assurance specialists measure for final product accuracy.

Canastota N/C Leadership

Daniel P. Cooper, President - Email
Tim Atkinson, General Manager - Email
Charles Britton, Quality Manager - Email

Scott Laventure, Plant Manager - Email
Becki Lewin, Office Manager - Email

Michael A. Mahar, General Manager Canastota Tool & Die - Email













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Canastota Tool & Die is located in the same complex as our sister division, Canastota N/C.

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Canastota N/C Corp.
121 W. Center Street
Canastota, NY 13032
tel: (315) 697-3200