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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing at Canastota N/C Corporation – Optimizing Your Project on Every Level.

At Canastota N/C, your product is manufactured in a lean environment where each aspect of production is optimized to save time, money and resources.

Lean manufacturing is not just an expression at Canastota N/C; it is a total commitment by all personnel. We committed to lean manufacturing in 2002 well ahead of our peers and trained all our personnel in the practice. Product designs are examined for any waste while Process Engineers determine the best method to produce your part and minimize cost.

Lean manufacturing supports all kinds of inventory management systems such as Kan Ban, “just-in-time”, and production leveling. Being part of our organization means being an integral part of our “Lean Team” that is committed to working at the highest level with a continuous process of reducing waste and providing cost effective solutions for our customers.


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Canastota Tool & Die is located in the same complex as our sister division, Canastota N/C.

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Canastota N/C Corp.
121 W. Center Street
Canastota, NY 13032
tel: (315) 697-3200